About Serendipity Events

We believe everyone deserves a positive and productive work environment - especially in our beloved hometown.  Our mission is to spread improved corporate wellness throughout Tampa Bay's workplaces, with massage as our engine.

Serendipity Events is a proud subsidiary of Serendipity Wellness Spa, located right in the heart of Pinellas County, Florida.


Local Wellness Providers

We love local!  And are pleased to team up with these Tampa Bay area health & wellness companies:

Nourish Thy Temple Fitness

Serving a wide range of fitness needs - including personal training programs and meal prep & delivery services.  Located in Pinellas Park.


The Organic Collab

When 4 great local organic brands decide to team up under one roof, the result is delicious. Serving baked goods, coffee, pressed juices, honey, and more. Located near the corner of Park & 49th St. in Pinellas Park.


Blue Dragon Healing Center

Blue Dragon takes a functional approach to the 5 branches of Chinese Medicine - combining tried & true techniques with modern testing. The 5 Branches are acupuncture, nutrition, massage and cupping, herbal medicine, and exercise. Stop by their Park Blvd. location to find out more.