Mobile chair massage

      & corporate wellness services

      for the Tampa Bay area


Here's to a more productive workplace.

Your corporate culture is everything.  At Serendipity Events, our in-office chair massage and mobile wellness services help you create a memorable one.


  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • A positive working environment

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • No setup/effort required

  • Similar price to an office lunch


From our hands, to your workforce.

Here are just a few of the many benefits mobile massage has to offer to your Tampa Bay area corporate wellness setting - from St. Pete, to Tampa, to Sarasota, and beyond:


A refreshing mental break

40+ hours per week at a desk can get anyone off their game.  "Stepping back" from the office chair and into a massage chair does wonders for revitalization - allowing you to relax and get back at it with an energetic, zen-like focus.


Promotes health & wellness

We get it: keeping perfect posture at work isn't easy.  But as little as 5 minutes on our chairs - and away from your computers - can stretch you out and provide temporary relief to aches that creep in during the day.

Massage Room_full.jpeg

A great introduction

Looking to achieve optimal health & wellness over the longer term?  Nothing introduces you to the world of massage and all of its wonderful benefits like our chairs.  Even first-timers will feel comfortable.

We've got your back.

Tampa Bay, it's time to boost up your corporate culture.  Click below to see exactly how our mobile wellness services can help.

Discounts offered to schools & healthcare businesses!


Having Serendipity mobile massage service onsite at our workplace was very much appreciated by our employees! Having the choice of a chair massage or table massage allowed our employees an option that was well received. We highly recommend their services and look forward to their return!

-Valerie Langelier, HR Manager at HealthSouth CBO Brooksville